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Dr. Günter Beyer

A warm and friendly welcome to my private web-site...I hope you like it....

Jack Spergel Memorial Award to Dr. Günter Beyer during the International Wire & Cable Symposium 2003 ( for his fundamental research results and applications of nanocomposites as a new class of flame retardants for polymers

In November 2004 I received the Jack Spergel Memorial Award for the second time! My research on carbon nanotubes as a new class of flame retardants was awarded.

In March 2004 I received an award from the International Wire and Machinery Association IWMA) during the WIRE 2004 in Düsseldorf/Germany for my nanocomposites research applications

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I am living in Eupen / Belgium directly located at the belgian_german frontier near Aachen.

I have introduced carbon nanotubes and nanocomposites as new classes and concepts of flame retardants for polymers. For an detailed discussion please go this science page :

I am also interested in astronomy and few years ago I have written a review on cosmology. If you are interested to get a reprint, please send me an email..

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I was the president of our lionsclub for the session 2003 - 2004